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Live surveys!

We're looking at ways to improve our services by conducting some market research with a selection of customers to gather feedback so that we can better understand your needs.

Our research will be conducted by Balloon Research, an independent market research agency and will just be an informal chat. Research Opinions are the independent market research agency managing the recruitment for the project. Your responses will be kept confidential and won't be linked to your name or tenancy. 

Anyone participating will receive a £20 Amazon voucher as a thank you for your time, which will be sent by Research Opinions after the interview has taken place.

How we use your information

The personal information you provide will be used solely for this market research project and will be securely destroyed at the end of the project. The market research session will be audio recorded. This is for purposes of this project only.

Balloon Research, Research Opinions and Alliance Homes handle your personal information in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your data and your rights

More details about data protection and your rights can be found here.

This market research project is being conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society’s (MRS) Code of Conduct. The MRS have a freephone service where you can verify market research companies – 0800 975 9596. Their website is

If you do not wish to be involved in future surveys, you can email dunya