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A helping hand up on World Homelessness Day 2018

Today is #WorldHomelessnessDay and we're taking this opportunity to highlight how we, along with our partners, are helping people escape the cycle of homelessness through good quality housing.

Tom moved to America more than 20 years ago, but his health meant he had to return home to the UK to stay with his family. Due to breakdown of relationships with his family members, he found himself on the streets with no money and just one black bag full of clothes.

With hardly any belongings to his name, Tom's physical and mental health also started to deteriorate. He was struggling to access any income support due to his time out of the country, and was unable to access employment due to his health.

We stepped in to help Tom. We worked with North Somerset Council's Housing Advice Team to help Tom access housing and assess his eligibility for income support payments.

We were able to help Tom find temporary accommodation before he was later declared eligible for housing and was supported to move into a sheltered apartment.

We helped him to apply for emergency grant funding for food shops and worked with St Monica's Trust to apply for a start-up pack with basic furniture and kitchen equipment, along with other local agencies to source a bed and mattress.

We supported Tom to apply for North Somerset Go for Life vouchers and encouraged him to attend different groups and events to reduce social isolation.

Now settled in his home, Tom can concentrate on improving his health and getting his life back on track.

At Alliance, we support people with learning disabilities, people who are recovering from drug or alcohol dependency, young people making their way after a childhood spent in and out of care homes, and people with mental health needs.

We can also help those who provide unpaid care to friends or family, anyone who needs a bit of help getting into employment, people who need help with their finances and support to get their lives back on track and older people who need some help to continue to live independent lives in the community.

To put it another way anyone who, at some time in their lives, needs a bit of help to live independently and safely at home. If that's you, get in touch with us today.