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Alliance Living supports Dignity Action Day

Alliance Living Care and Alliance Living Support staff got together to show their support for Dignity Action Day that takes place on the 1st of February 2017.

Dignity Action Day is part of The Dignity in Care Campaign, which launched in November 2006 and aims to encourage a national debate around dignity in care and create a care system where there is “zero tolerance of abuse and disrespect of adults”.

The campaign is led by Government in partnership with many organisations that provide and commission care and support and protects the interests of those using care and support services and their carers.

The word dignity isn't always fully understood and how to respect people’s dignity, not only in care, but in every day life. North West Dignity Leads Network has produced a video “The Little Things Make a Big Difference" which is animated storyboard about respect and dignity to help people understand what these mean.

You can watch the video below.

Also you can find out what’s planned for Dignity Action Day across the country and how you can get involved with the campaign here.