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Celebrating our excellent credit rating

Alliance Homes Group has received the highest possible credit rating from Moody’s following the credit agency’s annual review of our operating and financial performance.

Moody’s have given us an A1 rating in reflection our strong risk management and financial profile, now ranking us as one of the country's highest Moody's-rated housing associations. 

A credit rating shows the ability of an organisation to pay back their debt and the interest charged. The assessment is carried out by an independent rating agency, the stronger the rating the more robust the organisation.

Moody’s report commented on our strong interest cover ratios, very low debt to revenues, and simple debt profile, strong governance and management for a housing provider of our size. The rating also accounts for an expected increase in debt following a restructuring of our debt in the current financial year and a scaling up of our development programme in line with our Plan A five-year corporate strategy.

Our development programme will see 1,000 new homes built over the next five years.

Louise Swain, our Chief Executive, commented: “We are delighted with the outcome of Moody’s assessment and the part it will play in helping us to realise our ambitions to invest in existing communities and build much needed new homes.”