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Giving Something Back Through Volunteering

Keith started volunteering with Weston Foodbank three years ago and got to know the work of the Alliance support team who had a drop in centre at the Foodbank. On the back of his work there, Keith spoke to us and offered to volunteer to make sure that people visiting the Foodbank were aware of the support that was out there.

Keith has been signposting visitors to the Foodbank to support services for several months now but not content with that he was keen to see how his signposting was making a difference. He has recently started doing some admin work for the support team where he is able to see the outcomes of the referrals he makes.

All of this keeps Keith really busy but he’s glad to be helping others and gets a lot from the experience.

“I didn’t realise the breadth of what Alliance does. To me they had provided me with a home and repairs when needed; it wasn’t until I came across the support team that I realised the extent of their service and wanted to give something back. Something where I could see that I was making a difference.“

“I deal with all sorts of people who are struggling, they come in for food but sometimes they need a little extra support to get things back on track. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people. I am the first port of call but now I’m helping with the admin I know if I have done a good job because I can see how people are getting on. There is huge amount of satisfaction in seeing that people have got the help and support they need. It can be a bit frustrating sometimes when you make an appointment and people don’t show but that’s just the way it is. There are a lot of people out there who need support and I am just pleased that I am able to help in the way that I can. I like interacting with people and building relationships and I know what it’s like to need a helping hand. I think that people sense that when they deal with me - I am just glad that I can help others now”