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What we’ve done since the last Customer Satisfaction survey

You may have had a telephone call asking what you think about Alliance Homes’ services. This is done every six months and the results are compared to the United Kingdom Customer Satisfaction Index or UKCSI for short. This is a national survey which compares customer satisfaction across 1000 UK companies, from a whole range of sectors, not just housing.

In the last survey you gave us top scores for:

  • How easy it is to contact Alliance
  • Helpfulness of staff
  • Value for money for the rent you pay

and here’s where you said we need to improve…

  • Taking your views into account when making decisions
  • The work we do to make your neighbourhood a better place to live
  • The way we deal with repairs and maintenance & the overall quality of your home

Along with answers to specific questions the company which carries out the survey for us asks for general feedback and we use this to help us improve our services, especially those where you have given us lower scores.

You told us that we were slow to respond to reports of rubbish and fly tipping. In response to your comments we gave the Community Wardens mobile devices so that they could deal with issues more quickly. As a result we have seen the number of incidents the wardens have attended go up from 742 to 1243 over a six month period.

As well as the UKCSI, where Amazon tops the chart with a score of 87.2, there’s also a EUCSI. This compares satisfaction across a number of sectors in eight European countries and the UK came out on top in all sectors except utilities, where it came second to Germany. Against the overall picture the Alliance score ranks high but we are always looking at how we can improve and rely on your feedback to do this.

Alliance Homes UKCSI scoring

The next survey will take place in December so if you get a call please take the time to give us your feedback. All comments whether good, or not so good are appreciated and help us deliver a better service to everyone.