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Ways to pay

Payment methods

Please remember:

Whichever way you pay,  your rent must be paid regularly when due and all payments must be made in advance otherwise your account/s will show in arrears.

What happens if I don’t pay?

You must tell us about anything that might affect your ability to pay. We can offer you help and advice, and work with you to sort out a repayment plan if you do fall behind with your payments.

If you keep to an arrangement no further action will be taken against you; legal action and eviction can be a reality if you do not.

Your credit history

The Rental Exchange scheme allows customers with a history of little or no credit, to build a credit score.

Being able to prove your identity and show a track record of paying your rent will open up new channels and services, giving fairer access to services such as: bank accounts, credit cards, loans, online shopping, and better gas and electricity rates.

Click here to learn about the benefits of being part of this exciting initiative which is available to our tenants from January / February 2016.