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For investors

We are ambitious, well run and financially strong. We have a high calibre management team that are equipped to maintain and improve existing homes and neighbourhoods, as well as being well placed to deliver our ambitious plans to build 2,000 homes over the next 10 years.

Our ratings and assessments

Credit Rating

Moody’s have rated Alliance Homes as an A2 organisation, they stated that our credit strengths are: 

  • Clear strategy focused on social housing lettings, with no outright sales exposure
  • Low debt to revenue and strong debt management practices
  • Supportive institutional framework in England 

You can read our Moody's Credit Analysis in more detail here.

Regulatory Judgement

The Regulator for Social Housing has awarded us the uppermost ratings available both for Financial Viability and Governance. We have regular two-way engagement with the regulator and their G1/V1 assessment is only awarded to viable, efficient and well-governed organisations.

Read more on our GOV Regulatory judgement here.

Financial Statements

You can download our annual report and financial statements from the last four financial years below.

Annual report and financial statements 2022/23

Annual report and financial statements 2021/22

Annual report and financial statements 2020/21

Annual report and financial statements 2019/20

Environmental, Social and Governance reporting

We are committed to planning for a greener future by investing sensibly to reduce our environmental impacts. We will do this by working collaboratively with partners to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. We have also committed to become an early adopter of the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing.

To read our ESG report click here.


We are constantly looking for commercial funding solutions to attain our social and environmental goals. Our funding strategy is built on having an efficient bedrock of long-term debt, with agile shorter-term facilities providing the working capital necessary to fulfil our Business Plan aspirations.

Our funding portfolio needs to sustain the requirements of the Business Plan as well as the strict internal liquidity rules set by Alliance. We therefore require a diverse range of cost-effective funding solutions provided by both the capital markets and bank finance.

Get in touch

If you'd like to talk to us about investor relations, please use the contact details bellow.

Christopher Pullin - Head of Treasury & Financial Planning

Call on 01275 398055 or email

Claudette Marcano - Chief Finance Officer

Call on 01275 398060 or email