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Photograph at dusk of Tamar Court which is a yellow brick building with a modern glass entrance. A bare tree hangs over the frame of the image.

Our developments

Open to home building opportunities

We're actively looking for new opportunities to build homes and we welcome discussions as to how we can achieve this. 

We're open to flexible approaches when structuring a property deal. We've delivered new homes using a variety of deal formats including; package deals, turnkey developments, a land and build approach to traditional local authority procurement competitions and off-market approaches to land owners.

We welcome innovation in methods of construction as well as innovation in procurement that will improve build speed, value and the quality of the product.

Planning status and conditions

Our position as a registered provider means that we can work flexibly with developers. As a registered provider we are exempt from the Community Infrastructure Levy and we build the process for claiming that exemptions into our timelines for delivery. The large majority of homes we deliver are affordable and this means we can work with developers to mitigate against most s106 requirements that might otherwise be applied. We also look to work directly with local authorities so we can agree our position on nomination rights at an early stage. 

Our Developments

Click here to see more of the developments we're building. 

If you're interested in purchasing through Shared Ownership take a look at all our available homes on  our Shared Ownership website.