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Support for young carers

  • Is someone at home ill or disabled?
  • Do you have to help out a lot?
  • Are you under 18?

You are a Young Carer!

It's estimated that approximately 2,000 young people in North Somerset have caring responsibilities at home, so you're not alone. 

Young carers are young people who help look after someone who is sick, disabled, have mental health problems or have an addiction problem.

Some of the ways young people care for someone are:

  • Staying in the house a lot to be there for them
  • Helping them to get up, get washed or dressed, or helping with personal care
  • Doing lots of the household chores like shopping, cleaning and cooking
  • Looking after younger brothers and sisters
  • Providing emotional support or a shoulder to cry on.

We know that being a young carer can mean things like missing out, feeling different to others and sometimes finding life that bit harder. You may also worry about talking to someone because you worry about things like bullying, letting your family down or being taken into care.

We're here to help

We can provide support for you in a number of ways and relieve some of the stresses associated with your caring role. You will also meet other young carers and get involved in things that are ‘just for you’.