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Housing for Ukrainian Refugees

At Alliance Homes we stand with Ukraine. Like many other housing associations, we already provide housing and support for refugees from other parts of the world, and we are ready to help again. We are talking to our local authority partners about the support we can offer as a housing association.

Helping our customers help refugees

We know that many of our customers would like to help Ukrainians fleeing the war by hosting them in their own home and we want to enable them to do this.  We’ve set out the following guidance for those customers who would like to do this.

  • Please make sure you tell us first before taking anyone in
  • Make sure you have enough space and don’t make your home overcrowded
  • Don’t grant a tenancy
  • Take responsibility for the people who live with you
  • Hosts will not be able to charge rent
  • People who provide accommodation through the scheme will receive a thank you payment from the government of £350 per month
  • The government has confirmed that this payment will not be treated as income for assessing benefits
  • If you are a leaseholder or shared owner, please contact us so we can look at your tenancy agreement or lease.