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Residents' associations

A residents’ association or committee is a group of people who live in an area, street or building, who then join together to raise issues of concern in relation to their homes, community, and the general environment. They're also great ways to encourage more social activities in your community. 

We currently have a number of residents associations running in various communities and we'd like to encourage and assist anyone who would like to start it in their area.  Alliance can support and help you to get your residents’ association started and work with you to make sure you have what you need to make it a success.

Why start a residents’ association?

Residents’ associations can have a greater voice than an individual when talking to authorities about issues affecting your community. Joining together in a residents' associations means you can:

  • Campaign for improvements to housing or repairs service
  • Campaign against the closure of local facilities
  • Arrange social and other events in their communities. 
  • Gain a sense of community by meeting and helping others
  • Keep people in the area informed about the local issues
How to get started?

First, talk to your neighbours to see if there is enough interest in setting up a Residents’ Association and whether others would like to be involved.

From this you can find out:

  • Whether the issues affecting others are the same ones that you are concerned about
  • If others agree that it would be a good idea to set up a Residents Association
  • If others are willing to attend the first meeting (a minimum of six)
  • If others are interested in knowing the outcome of the meeting if they are unable to attend

Once you have enough interest, get in contact and we can then either support your group as an ongoing concern, or simply help set things up so your group can take the reins.