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Finger pressing button on lift control panel.

Lift safety

Communal lifts in your apartment

If you live in a flat, we’re responsible for inspecting and managing your communal areas, this includes lifts. We inspect and maintain our lifts regularly and carry out a thorough examination every six months and service them every two months. If you have any concerns about the safety of the lift in your block, get in touch right away  

You should take care when entering and leaving a lift if you use an electric scooter, wheelchair, or walking frame. Ensure your aid fits safely into the lift and you can exit and enter it without damaging its structure.   

There are a few things you can do to help make sure that the lift in your block is maintained and working for you: 

  • Always adhere to the lift weight and size limit 
  • Never press the stop the button unless it's an emergency 
  • If you’re trapped inside, never panic. Press the emergency call button or call us right away 
  • Report any concerns about your lift to us right away 
  • Never use a lift in a power cut
  • Never try to force open or stop the door from closing by inserting your hand or any other object, always use the buttons. 

In the event of a fire, it’s important that you don’t use your lift. Make sure you have a safety evacuation procedure in place, visit our fire safety webpage for more information. 

Stair lift safety 

Your safety around the home is important, especially when mobility becomes an issue. As you get older, or experience health problems that affect your mobility, manoeuvring around your home can become difficult. If you’re concerned your health is affecting your independence at home, get in touch to find out we can support you. North Somerset Council also have a range of resources, you might be eligible to apply for a disabled facilities grant (DFG) if you require any adaptations.  

The supplier of your stairlift is generally responsible for maintaining and servicing it. We'll be contact you if we're responsible for inspecting and maintaining your stairlift. Any stair lifts in communal spaces, we will manage and service regularly.  

If you’re using a stairlift, there a few things you can do make sure you’re using it safely: 

  • Always follow the user instructions  
  • Never go over the maximum weight limit 
  • Never leave obstructions in the way of a stairlift  
  • Modern stairlifts can feature several safety features, such as a seat belts, it’s important that you use these as per the user instructions. 

For more information about stairlift safety visit Age UK.