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Help with debt

We understand how stressful it can be when you owe money. That is why we have a dedicated team of money advisors who can help with your personal finances.

It is always best to get help and advice as soon as you can. Our specialist team can work with you on a one-to-one basis to help get things back on track. There may be solutions out there that are available to you - for example, you may not be claiming all the benefits you are entitled to, you may need help with budgeting or debts.

When dealing with debt, it is important to prioritise your debt to try and avoid unnecessary penalties. Our money advisors can work with you in setting up realistic household budgets, that priorities your debt and advise you on the best ways to deal with multiple debts.

When dealing with debt remember:

  • Always keep in contact with your creditors
  • Don’t ignore letters or phone calls
  • Never feel pressured in paying something that you can’t afford
  • Don’t wait for court action or Bailiff visits
  • It isn’t advisable to borrow money to pay off debt.

If you are looking for debt advice, contact our team today.