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Our Strategy - Plan A 2.0

Plan A 2.0

We exist to create great places to live that our customers are proud to call home. 

Plan A 2.0 is our strategy for the next five years. It's the evolution of our Plan A, our ambitious strategy which set a new direction for Alliance Homes in 2017. 

Our new strategy uses a number of parts to help us achieve our purpose of creating great places to live that our customers are proud to call home. 

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Our Focused Five

We've created clear goals in five strategic areas, these are the areas we want to focus on and make measurable improvements. We've set objectives and KPIs against each of the five so we can hold our selves too account. 

The five areas are:

1. Delivering a great customer experience

2. Building more affordable homes

3. Investing in existing homes and neighbourhoods

4. Being a green and ethical business

5. Being a great place to work


Our Principles

We know what we want to do and our principle guide us in how we go about it. 

Lead with our Values - AGAME

Everyday our colleagues bring their AGAME to deliver services to our customers and support each other. Read about AGAME here.

Putting customers at the centre of everything we do - Customers are always at the heart of our thinking and decision making. We listen to them through our research and our customer engagement processes like Hive and our Customer Feedback Panel.

Being a trusted partner - We'll deliver through our strong partnerships with other housing associations, North Somerset Council and other support agencies. 

Embracing innovation, change and technology - We'll investing in technology that will improve our homes and how we manage and run our business. 

Being commercially adept and financially resilient We'll manage our business to the highest standards and deliver value for money for our customers.