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Our Values - AGAME

Our values are what makes us tick.

Everyday our colleagues bring their AGAME to deliver great services to our customers and to support each other to be the best we can be. Our values are:  

Ambitious for all

We are one team aiming high for ourselves and others.

We bring out the best in everyone. We set ambitious goals, not just for ourselves but for our customers and colleagues too. We make time to support and encourage others; so we lift each other higher.


We are authentic and encourage everyone to be themselves.

We bring our authentic selves to work. To achieve this, we need to be self-aware and welcome honest feedback. We encourage everyone to speak up for what they believe in.

Awake to opportunity

We are constantly curious and drive innovation through collaboration.

This value is about being innovative, open to challenge, and remaining curious. We seek to continuously improve by exploring new ideas and opportunities. We are inclusive, value diversity and respect the views of others.

Make the difference 

We are proactive and strive to make a positive impact 

We go the extra mile to support our customers and colleagues. We are proactive, take ownership and make a meaningful contribution to the world we live in. We inspire others through positivity and a sense of fun as we work together towards a brighter future.


We are adaptable and can be relied on to achieve fantastic results.

We want to get great results. We prioritise our tasks effectively and make evidence-based decisions. We adapt our approach to ensure we achieve our goals and can be relied on to deliver an excellent customer experience.